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#BlackOutForTrayvon Social Media TakeOver!

Tension and anxiety is rising as the entire country watches the media show of what has become the Trial of Trayvon Martin instead of George Zimmerman, come to a close this week. Social media is on fire with constant posts, debates, pictures, and statues surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin. Many of the conversations, by not only people of color but people around the world who are aware of the racist legal system, are rooted in what the response should be in the event of an acquittal or lessor charge and what the response should be even if Zimmerman is found guilty. Many Black people are speaking out against the media fanning the flames of THIS murdered Black child as opposed to Oscar Grant, Aiyanna Jones and many, many, many of our innocent unarmed murdered youth. Every murder still rings loud in our hearts and minds. People are hurting over the loss of our loved ones and ready to take a proactive stance against the murders of Black people by the hands of ANYONE.

A lot of organizing is happening in the land of social media. Organizing boycotts of Florida oranges and the entire State of Florida to pressure Florida law makers into changing their “Stand Your Ground” law, organizing walk outs and call ins, everywhere people are preparing for the outcome of this trial. While the media is fanning flames of anger and playing on the fears of people with all their reports of anti rioting plans being put into place…. I see the other side of the response to this injustice… Organized anger. People who have had enough.

BLACKOUT1Right now The #BlackOutForTrayvon Movement has gone VIRAL all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as thousands of people are “Blacking out” their profile pics. The Movement started the morning of Thursday, July 11, 2013 with a black picture and the caption read “Let the Black Out Begin! Black Out your profile picture UNTIL AFTER THE VERDICT comes down to show a stand of solidarity in the Justice For Trayvon Martin! MAKE A STATEMENT! THERE IS POWER IS OUR NUMBERS! *This is something ALL OF US can do*” and it just TOOK OFF! The show of unity and solidarity is overwhelming. I hope the message reaches Tracy and Sybrina, WE STAND FOR JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! We are tired of the senseless racial profiling and murdering of our children by the hands of ANYONE! #BlackOutForTrayvon

While people understand “Blacking out” your profile pic will not change a racist legal system or any laws….what it does is bring awareness and awakening for some…and that is what we need more of … No one should be above watching the awakening of one’s mind to the realities of this world….especially the awakening of the youth…who are really taking to Instagram with the #BlackOut

This is a POWERFUL show of unity by EVERYONE who CARES to take a stand for Justice For Trayvon. There is POWER in social media if you use it in a POWERFUL WAY…. so use it…

Click on the link below to join this Facebook event:




Crabs in a Barrel Syndrome…

“Jordan Miles, honor student and violinist attacked by Pittsburgh police in January 2010… To all my friends w/ Jordan Miles photos as their profile pics, I offer this: Good intent / Poor execution… If you’re harassing the Pittsburgh D.A. good for you, but this case is almost 18 months old and has been passed off to the feds who are dragging their feet, waiting for us to forget… The civil lawsuit hangs in the balance cuz the federal indictments haven’t been handed out… we need to overstand organization and attack the system where it hurts, not thru a secretary taking your message and throwing it in the trash… study and plan, then act as one… that’s power. Hotep”

Here ^^^ is ONE MAJOR problem with our people….

We SHOULD not be speaking AGAINST the sincere efforts OF our people FOR our people…

There is one thing I have learned on this journey of mine … this is NOT a one dimensional fight! There is so much to be done and not everyone will have the same job in this fight… There are those who focus on building & studying and there are those who focus on political prisoners, on feeding the people, on teaching the people, on cleaning the communities, on reparations, changing laws, police brutality and so on and so on and so on….

NOW…. I want to say that I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree that the injustice system is not the place to go looking for justice and that we NEED to be less reactionary and more proactive….BUT we do not have our own…ummm NOTHING… so my question for those who look down on responding to the injustice to our people as a waste of time…. I ask what do WE say to Oscar Grants mother? Aiyanna Jones mother? What do we tell Kenneth Hardings parents? What do WE say to Jordan Miles? Do we tell them that we are studying and can’t react to their petty murders or beatings? That we are building institutions that are NOT built yet so just hold tight…we are STILL TALKING about getting these institutions together? Do we tell them that we are not going to react or respond EVEN THOUGH we have NOTHING to offer as a means of protection or ensuring that it won’t happen again? Oh yea I know… You can talk about fuck the police & white folks… ok..We can tell our people that…even though NONE of you are REALLY gonna do that shit…

Sooooooo what do we do in the meantime between time while you’re building and studying about 4,000 yrs ago and black people are being murdered TODAY? what do we do? What do we say to our people?

Everyone won’t pick the same fights…but make no mistake they are ALL OUR FIGHTS! so if you don’t focus on what someone else may be focusing on… THATS FINE but why speak down or against the sincere honest efforts of our people? For some making a phone call, writing a letter, or signing a petition is all they can do…. LET THEM DO IT…what will it hurt…for some that COULD be the START of them ORGANIZING and getting SOMETHING done… LET THEM DO IT….speaking against it is more of a waste of time then letting people DO THEIR PART… Cause remember if YOU alone had all the answers and could do this alone….we would already be free…

We SHOULD be able to UNITE around our different positions (if they are sincere & righteous) in this struggle not FIGHT around our different positions……..we SHOULD…

So like ya Mama SHOULDA already taught you…. If you don’t have anything nice to say DON’T SAY NOTHING! stop pulling each other down like crabs in a barrel… WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING WE CAN OFFER TO THIS STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM!

Let the egos go… Cause I would rather be free than be right all the time…


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