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#BlackOutForTrayvon Social Media TakeOver!

Tension and anxiety is rising as the entire country watches the media show of what has become the Trial of Trayvon Martin instead of George Zimmerman, come to a close this week. Social media is on fire with constant posts, debates, pictures, and statues surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin. Many of the conversations, by not only people of color but people around the world who are aware of the racist legal system, are rooted in what the response should be in the event of an acquittal or lessor charge and what the response should be even if Zimmerman is found guilty. Many Black people are speaking out against the media fanning the flames of THIS murdered Black child as opposed to Oscar Grant, Aiyanna Jones and many, many, many of our innocent unarmed murdered youth. Every murder still rings loud in our hearts and minds. People are hurting over the loss of our loved ones and ready to take a proactive stance against the murders of Black people by the hands of ANYONE.

A lot of organizing is happening in the land of social media. Organizing boycotts of Florida oranges and the entire State of Florida to pressure Florida law makers into changing their “Stand Your Ground” law, organizing walk outs and call ins, everywhere people are preparing for the outcome of this trial. While the media is fanning flames of anger and playing on the fears of people with all their reports of anti rioting plans being put into place…. I see the other side of the response to this injustice… Organized anger. People who have had enough.

BLACKOUT1Right now The #BlackOutForTrayvon Movement has gone VIRAL all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as thousands of people are “Blacking out” their profile pics. The Movement started the morning of Thursday, July 11, 2013 with a black picture and the caption read “Let the Black Out Begin! Black Out your profile picture UNTIL AFTER THE VERDICT comes down to show a stand of solidarity in the Justice For Trayvon Martin! MAKE A STATEMENT! THERE IS POWER IS OUR NUMBERS! *This is something ALL OF US can do*” and it just TOOK OFF! The show of unity and solidarity is overwhelming. I hope the message reaches Tracy and Sybrina, WE STAND FOR JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! We are tired of the senseless racial profiling and murdering of our children by the hands of ANYONE! #BlackOutForTrayvon

While people understand “Blacking out” your profile pic will not change a racist legal system or any laws….what it does is bring awareness and awakening for some…and that is what we need more of … No one should be above watching the awakening of one’s mind to the realities of this world….especially the awakening of the youth…who are really taking to Instagram with the #BlackOut

This is a POWERFUL show of unity by EVERYONE who CARES to take a stand for Justice For Trayvon. There is POWER in social media if you use it in a POWERFUL WAY…. so use it…

Click on the link below to join this Facebook event:




A Teenager Named Rachel Jeantel

By now the world knows the name of the young woman who was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin. Rachel Jeantel. Rachel has been thrown head on into the public eye in a way that NONE of us would ever want for ourselves. Imagine what it must be like to be a high school student talking on the phone to one of your friends like you would normally do…then all of a sudden your friend is dead and your world is turned into a legal world wind!  Watching her tell the story of  the last time she spoke to her friend Trayvon was painful. Watching defense attorney, Don West questioning her, often times it was easy to forget that Zimmerman is the one who is on trial and not Ms. Jeantel. Rachel was judged very harshly by the public as people generally have a way of being overly critical, judgmental and just plain mean. Judging Rachel as if she should have been born ready to testify in court and to play any part in this legal system who is in no way on her side. What I saw was a young woman who knew the defense team was against her and out to discredit her, she knew that Don West had a particular impatience and dislike for her. Many people highlighted her behavior and her dislike and impatience for Don West but that feeling was definitely not one sided. She knew it, she felt it and she wasnt afraid to show it to the world with her famous response “that’s real retarded, sir”. She was standing up for herself and I was proud of her for doing so.

The media is not focused on reporting the strength and pain of who this young woman was on the stand … No… The media feeds the masses every negative criticism of her that has been said. From her level of education, the way she speaks, to even the way she wears her hair… all up for criticism. Highlighting the fact that she is a 19 year old just entering into the 12th grade in high school. Highlighting that she cant read or write in cursive. Never once questioning an education system that would allow a teenager to reach the 12th grade with out knowing how to read or write in cursive. How did that happen? It seems that “no child left behind” has turned into just “push them through the system and get them out of our hair”. One thing is for sure, reading or writing in cursive has nothing to do with the real life lessons she is learning through all of the happenings in her life now. I can only imagine.

None of us know what life was like for Rachel Jeantel before the world knew her name, before her friend was murdered, before she took the stand. None of us know what she has struggled with in her life, what her dreams may be, what and who she loves in life. Have her dreams in life changed since all of this has happened? These are the questions I would like to ask her.

Since Rachel Jeantel has returned home she has been pretty active on social media. Accepting thousands of  “friend requests” on her Facebook page. She even accepted my friend request. I was very pleased to watch her page become flooded with a great show of love and support. I have reached out to her like a big sister would and advised her to be careful on social media because the world is watching her now and as she is learning the world is not very friendly all the time. But it is obvious after all the criticism of her that she has probably read and heard…. she needed this. She needed to hear the encouragement.

Her page is flooded with posts and comments such as:

“You have and will be in my prayers. I pray that God continue to give you strength. May he guard your ears and put a filter so you are not moved by the negative energy. Blessing to you my sister.”

“Rachel Jeantel for president because she’s honest and has no fear!!”

“I am extremely sorry for your lost Rachel!! I know it’s been over a year since you lost your good friend Trayvon Martin. Most people forget to say things like that!!!! God is Good, and thanks for showing the world your true self, I love people who are simply themselves. Blessing Rachel!!!!”

Rachel even posted a picture with someone wearing a “I Love Rachel Jeantel” t-shirt. Her captioned read… Am I dreaming? This is crazy! Then there came a flood of people saying they too want a “I Love Rachel Jeantel” t-shirt (I want one too).  I love Rachel t shirt

Rachel responded to the love and support with a status on Sunday, July 7, 2013 saying  “May God watch y’all thank you for the support I have been reading them thank you and have a great Sunday thank you may God bless you amen”

It is my hope for Rachel that all of this comes to an end soon and she is able to return to her “normal” teen-aged life but not before someone signs her up for a book, television or movie deal first!

I wish peace in the life of this teenager named Rachel Jeantel. A very strong, brave and honest young woman.

You did good Rachel! Much love and support to you!

source: http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/17512-a-teenager-named-rachel-jeantel

The Trial of Trayvon Martin

The Trial of Trayvon Martin

Today was another trying day watching week 2 of testimony in the 2nd degree murder trial of George Zimmerman. Im often reminded of the feeling I had when we were fighting to save Troy Davis’ life. The feeling of dread… knowing this justus system… means knowing ultimately what the outcome will be. Thats how I feel watching this trial. In fact knowing this is not the trial of George Zimmerman but this is the trial of Trayvon Martin, the murdered teenager… and he’s has already been found guilty of being Black in america. For the most part… this trial is merely a show, no better than a well scripted reality show.

What is the worse & most painful part of watching this trial? The lack of common sense. I know its a lawyers vile job to twist words and to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty… However where is the common sense of it all?

I have more than a few questions I wish the prosecution would ask or address..

  1. Why is it that Zimmerman had a right to be suspicious of Trayvon for walking around in his fathers neighborhood but Trayvon didn’t have the right to be suspicious of this strange man following him?!
  2. Why is that Zimmerman had a right to stand his ground once they were face to face (because Zimmerman followed him) but Trayvon didn’t have a right to stand HIS ground against this STRANGE man following him?!
  3. First it was said that Trayvon took off running AWAY from George Zimmerman. It was stated that he ran and hid in the bushes. So are we to believe that a kid who was creeped out by this “creepy ass cracker” would run AWAY from him only to hide with the intent of an ambush?! Is THAT what we are to believe?
  4. How was he walking towards you AND jumping out the bushes too?! Which one is it?!
  5. If Trayvon had gotten the better of this “fight” and lived and Zimmerman was the dead man… How different would this trial look? Oh thats right there would be NO trial! Trayvon would have been sentenced to LIFE a year ago!

Tomorrow week 2 of testimony continues in what we all know is really the Trial of Trayvon Martin.


by Ife Johari


Facebook, Hate & Trayvon Martin

By Ife JohariSpeakOut

Week one of the trial of George Zimmerman was a trying and often painful week to watch. From the visible pain of Sabrina & Tracy, Trayvon’s parents, to watching people all over social media mocking and insulting Rachel Jeantel, the 19yr old young lady who was the last to speak to Trayvon.

The most painful for me was the showing of pictures of Trayvon’s dead body during the trial, which news stations also aired to the public. I didn’t think these images were necessary to the world. I personally did not look at the pictures and had made a decision not to look at them. I heard some people were posting the pictures on social media. I made a promise not only not to post them but to delete anyone who did.

On Wednesday I received a message from a friend asking if I had seen a page on FB. I opened the link to discover what I had made it a point not to see… Images of Trayvon’s dead body. But these weren’t just images. A very evil person photoshopped pictures of Trayon’s body onto some of the most hateful images I have ever seen on FB. I cried, I cried so hard for this baby and his parents. Then I got mad, thinking: what if Trayvon’s parents, family, friends, classmates or neighbors came across this on FB? With everything they have already been through, they didn’t deserve this.

I began showing this page to any and every one. I struggled with whether to post it on my page but I decided people needed to see what was being done to Trayvon’s lifeless body on FB in order to be compelled into action! Others began to become aware of this extreme hate being displayed and spreading the word to report and have the pages removed.

But there was another offense coming. In addition to the desecration of Trayvon’s lifeless image, thousands of FB users were highly offended when FB responded to the reports made about this page and its content stating that after reviewing our reports the page and its content “did not violate their community standards of hate speech”.  Which said to thousands of FB users that FB was supporting these hate pages.

This angered and offended many people who had images such as breast-feeding of babies removed from their pages–but FB was telling us that THIS was ok! A full blown protest was started.

I created an event on FB called “Facebook, Hate & Trayvon Martin. Remove the Facebook hate pages!” to help spread the word as far as possible. It took 2 days for FB to finally remove the page but not before the evil person created another one. We understand that we couldn’t stop the pages from being created but we know that FB can. We have to demand that FB restrict these types of extreme hate pages from being created.

In response, FB users began reaching out to their local radio and news stations and many began contacting top advertisers on FB such as McDonald’s and Budweiser letting them know their ads were appearing on a site that promotes such hate which meant they too were supporting the hate.  Other FB users decided to boycott FB for 24hrs on Monday 7/1/13. While others are deciding to block all advertisers from their FB using ad blockers.

Some people tried to defend these pages stating we live in a country where every ugly thing said or printed is protected under “free speech”… Obviously that isn’t true in Facebook land where FB often removes content from the personal pages of its users and even restricts people from commenting on “like” pages if that person’s comments are “flagged”.

All the hate filled, racists FB pages (that we know of) showing Trayvon’s lifeless body have been removed–but that is not enough! We demand that Facebook update their policies and regulations and enforce them properly so that this does not continue to happen! Facebook allows teenagers to sign up for their website and should think more responsibly on protecting them from these types of images. But instead FB protects its advertisers over its users and this has to change.

FB has listened to the protests of women activists and advertisers demanding that FB pages promoting the degradation of sexual abuse victims be removed. Now they must listen to the voices of the African American community demanding that hateful images of Trayvon Martin’s dead body be banned from its site. Facebook has regulations against hate speech and we are demanding they keep their word to their users. Everything is ok….. Everything is allowed… Until YOU draw the line… and THIS is where WE DRAW THE LINE!

source: http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/17307-facebook-hate-trayvon-martin

photo credit: Black Talk Radio News-http://www.zimbio.com/Rev.+Al+Sharpton/articles/J9iHLF6xf0c/Taking+down+Trayvon+Martin+FB+Hate+page+w

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