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“Thoughts for the Afrikan Warrior Couples” FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

From the book “Complementarity: Thoughts for the Afrikan Warrior Couples”

As an Afrikan family in the Western cultural wasteland, we recognize and accept the responsibilities of ReAfrikanization. The Creator, Spirit, the Ancestors and Elders have called us to find our path toward the Afrikan Way. In fulfilling this mission, we pledge to pursue the following necessary Afrikan absolutes:

1. We will remove all contradictions between what we think and speak as Afrikans and what we do as Afrikans.

2. We will automatically love and support each other.

3. We will, every day and in all ways. elevate and emphasize the spiritual and intellectual over the material.

4. We will rear our children in the Afrikan Way without compromise.

5. We will work toward cultural and social (including economic, educational and military) independence.

6. We will master the skills required for self sufficiency.

7. We will work to mentally and physically liberate Afrikan people.

8. We will acknowledge our Ancestors and live by THEIR wisdom.

9. We will protect ALL Afrikan children, remembering it takes a WHOLE Afrikan village to rear our children.

10. We will embrace our heritage by reclaiming an Afrikan name, language and spiritual system.

11. And, as Warrior Scholars, we will never forget who are enemies are (regardless of color).

In my sincere life purpose to be the best Afrikan Wombman that I can be and because I love you….

I am because my people are…

I, Ife Johari … make this Family Mission pledge to myself, my family and my people.

“Whether or not you make it is strictly your decision…should you choose to accept this as your mission”  Heru FreedomWriter PreciseScience…..

I accept this mission….Do you?

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