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The Trial of Trayvon Martin

The Trial of Trayvon Martin

Today was another trying day watching week 2 of testimony in the 2nd degree murder trial of George Zimmerman. Im often reminded of the feeling I had when we were fighting to save Troy Davis’ life. The feeling of dread… knowing this justus system… means knowing ultimately what the outcome will be. Thats how I feel watching this trial. In fact knowing this is not the trial of George Zimmerman but this is the trial of Trayvon Martin, the murdered teenager… and he’s has already been found guilty of being Black in america. For the most part… this trial is merely a show, no better than a well scripted reality show.

What is the worse & most painful part of watching this trial? The lack of common sense. I know its a lawyers vile job to twist words and to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty… However where is the common sense of it all?

I have more than a few questions I wish the prosecution would ask or address..

  1. Why is it that Zimmerman had a right to be suspicious of Trayvon for walking around in his fathers neighborhood but Trayvon didn’t have the right to be suspicious of this strange man following him?!
  2. Why is that Zimmerman had a¬†right to stand his ground once they were face to face (because Zimmerman followed him) but Trayvon didn’t have a right to stand HIS ground against this STRANGE man following him?!
  3. First it was said that Trayvon took off running AWAY from George Zimmerman. It was stated that he ran and hid in the bushes. So are we to believe that a kid who was creeped out by this “creepy ass cracker” would run AWAY from him only to hide with the intent of an ambush?! Is THAT what we are to believe?
  4. How was he walking towards you AND jumping out the bushes too?! Which one is it?!
  5. If Trayvon had gotten the better of this “fight” and lived and Zimmerman was the dead man… How different would this trial look? Oh thats right there would be NO trial! Trayvon would have been sentenced to LIFE a year ago!

Tomorrow week 2 of testimony continues in what we all know is really the Trial of Trayvon Martin.


by Ife Johari


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