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The Voice of Sydney Jade and Her Son…. #HisNameIsCayden


Sydney Jade…. that’s her name, she is Cayden’s mother. Such a beautiful and strong young mother. A woman I now call my friend…my sister and I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have your life thrown into the world of the often mean streets of the internet. To be living your everyday life and all sudden and without your permission…. your world is completely changed. From the day I met Sydney I’ve only wanted to help give an (unedited) voice to her and Cayden’s truth. A safe, trusted space to speak her mind….

This blog is dedicated to the voice of Sydney and Cayden.

IJ: How are you Sydney?

Sydney: “Ready for life to get back to normal. I love my son’s name being used in such a positive way but I’m ready for life to get back to normal..lol”

IJ: How is Cayden doing? Is he aware of all that is going on?

Sydney: “Cayden is fine but he’s a smart little boy. He knows he on the tv and Mommy is on the tv but then he just goes back to playing with his toys.”

IJ: How are you dealing with all the sudden media attention and interviews about you and Cayden?

Sydney: “I don’t mind the interviews. At first I got really tired of it. All the lies that people were writing and sharing about my son. I kept saying over and over that my son was not abandoned, deaf or mute but people kept putting out different articles saying he was. But now I don’t mind because people are finally hearing the truth and they know those things about my son aren’t true. Its helping with my mission to show how loving he is.”

IJ: How do you feel about all the attention surrounding “Geris Hilton’s” resurrected Facebook page? His “apology”? Making his profile picture using the #HisNameIsCayden hashtag?

Sydney: “He’s making it about himself when it should be about Cayden at this point. Because he cant be the victim when a 3 year old child is involved… no one is the victim but the child. I mean, how can you say you didn’t do anything but then admit to calling him “feral”? He keeps contradicting himself. He keeps making up different stories. First he said he defended him then these “new” screenshots come out and they’re saying they didn’t even make the comments that he claims he defended him on. So which is it and why are they all apologizing if they didn’t say anything wrong?”

IJ: Why havent you responded to his ‘apology” or email?

Sydney: “I have no words to say to him.”

IJ: Were you ever friends with “him” on Facebook?

Sydney: “No. I didn’t even know he had a Facebook. Before all this happened I was only friends with one co-worker and it wasnt him.”

IJ: There’s been a whole lot social media attention that has come your way since all of this. How are you handling all the feedback you’ve been getting?

Sydney: “Well, for every one negative comment I see.. I see 1,000 positive comments and that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished what I wanted… for people to see how great Cayden is. That makes all of this worth it.

IJ: So how have things been back at work since all of this happened?

Sydney: “We’re all just trying to get back to normal. I love working for Polaris Marketing Group. It’s a small office of 5 offices and 12 other employees. It’s very family friendly. I was even told there was an open door for children in this office when I first interviewed with the company which was very important for me. Michael (her supervisor) is very accommodating for mothers and their children. He is 100% behind me and Cayden and I thank him for that.”

IJ: Do you think you think you will tell Cayden about all of this?

Sydney: “When he grows up I will answer any questions he asks but I wont bring it up”

IJ: How will you explain all the birthday gifts people want to send to Polaris for him?

Sydney: “I will probably come up with some big, creative story that would make a 4-year-old feel special lol. Im very grateful for all that people have given out of love and support for Cayden”

IJ: How do you feel about the hashtag #HisNameIsCayden? To have your son’s name trending?

Sydney: “I love this hashtag. The hashtag turned this into something so positive. When you (Ife Johari) made that first post and you made the hashtag that just defined everything I wanted to say. I fell in love with it. Because this child isn’t abandoned, he’s not mute, his name isnt Toby, his name is Cayden. The hashtag gives his name a positive voice and I love you for that.”

IJ: â¤

IJ: I know people have asked you do you forgive him? Do you?

Sydney: “I cant even talk about that word. I only have one word…. Why? Why did he take the picture in the first place? Why did he post it without telling me? Why didn’t he take the post down once his friends started making the racist comments? Why did he come to work everyday after that without telling me what happened and that he had posted my child’s picture? Why did it take for this to go viral for him to apologize? I cant talk about forgiveness until those questions are answered.”

IJ: How do you want this to end? When this is all over and in 5 years what is it that you will want people to remember?

Sydney: That Cayden has a family who loves him…and now we have an extended family starting with you Ife, a family that came together from all around the world to love him. A child that none of them know personally. If Cayden understood what was happening he would feel the same gratitude that I do.I want people to always remember the positive, the love, not that negative post but all the love that came from this and that you can always turn a negative into a positive. I want people to remember that #HisNameIsCayden.



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