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Kendrick Johnson friend

In yet another shocking twist in the mysterious death of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson, a friend of the Georgia teen is revealing some important information that could lead investigators to the truth.

Soloman Arrington, 16, told the Daily Mail that he received Facebook threats just hours after he learned that his best friend was dead.

Shock was already setting in after Soloman learned that his best friend had died when he was allegedly sent the message which left him looking over his shoulder.

“I just didn’t want to think about it, really,” he said. But his mother, Keisha Moore, took action.

She said: “It was a message that said my son ‘would end up in a body bag,’ and I thought this is nothing to play with. This is not a joke.”

Moore reported the message to a detective from the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office, but she said he quickly downplayed…

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Kendrick Johnson also known as “KJ”
photo credit: i.dailymail.co.uk.com

*Keep checking back… this blog will be updated regularly as more information surrounding Kendrick Johnson’s murder is released.*

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Another Emmett Till? Another Trayvon Martin? No.. his name was Kendrick Johnson. A 17 yr old student and athlete at Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia.  January 11, 2013, Kendrick was found dead in the gym of his school. His body was rolled up in a gym mat. It was reported that Kendrick was reaching for his shoes in the mat when somehow he got stuck and suffocated. His death was ruled an accident and the Lowndes County police dept closed the case. Kendrick’s body was laid to rest but his parents could not rest. Kendrick’s parents, Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson refused to believe the story that was given to them. Kendrick’s father never believed his son’s death was an accident, he said police gave him two different accounts of how they found Kendrick’s body — they initially said he got into the rolled-up mat feet first, then said the next day that he entered headfirst. The Johnson’s order a second independent autopsy be performed on their son.  The second autopsy revealed that Kendrick died from blunt force trauma to his neck, not suffocation and even more shocking than that, many of Kendrick’s organs including his lungs and brains had been removed and replaced with newspaper without the knowledge or consent of Kendrick’s parents! The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the funeral home that prepared the body for burial both offer different accounts of what happened to the organs. The coroner says they sent the organs over to the funeral home with Kendrick’s body. The funeral home says they never received his organs.

So now we have a murdered teenager and missing/stolen organs you would think this would be MAJOR headlines news… but many people still have never heard of Kendrick Johnson and his story. Why all the silence around this murder? Why haven’t the police re opened this case for investigation? Why hasn’t the FBI gotten involved? Someone knows something and someone is hiding something or covering something up. I, myself (like Kendrick’s parents) am filled with unanswered questions. Such as, if Kendrick had gotten himself stuck in this mat accidentally, wouldn’t he have yelled out for help? Why are his organs missing? Is it an attempt to cover up or hide the truth surrounding Kendrick’s death?

In their fight for justice for their son, the Johnson’s have learned that there are surveillance tapes of the schools gym where Kendrick was murdered, however the school will only release the images of Kendrick on the tapes, not the entire tape which would clearly show what happened that day in Lowndes High School.

In September, the Justice Department refused to open a civil rights investigation into Johnson’s death.  I have a hard time understanding why this case has not been re opened as a criminal investigation. There have been so many conflicting reports and the newly released pictures of the “crime scene” show a different tale than what was given to the Johnson’s.  An investigation of the police dept who closed this case prematurely, the school where he died and the coroner who performed the first autopsy is definitely in order.

Ben Crump, attorney to Trayvon Martin’s parents has joined the team to fight for justice for Kendrick.

Kendrick entering the school gym before he was killed
photo credit: gstatic.com

This picture (above) is from the schools surveillance camera. It shows Kendrick going into the gym but the school refuses to release the entire video which could possibly show what happened to Kendrick after he entered the gym.

Kendrick Johnson’s body inside the rolled up gym mat
photo credit: i.dailymail.co.uk.com

It was initially reported that Kendrick dove into the mat to retrieve his shoes but this picture of Kendrick’s body rolled up in the mat shows his shoes are near his feet not his head where they would have been if he had been reaching for them if he went head first into the mat to get them. This picture does not line up with the story that was given to Kendrick’s parents.

Blood Stains on the walls
photo credit: i.dailymail.co.uk.com

This picture (above) shows blood stains on the walls of the gym where Kendrick’s body was found. “Officials” claim the blood is not Kendrick’s but have made no attempts to clarify whose blood it is and/or how it got there.

The most disturbing picture (below) is of Kendrick Johnson after he was killed. The picture shows his face swollen and bloody. It appears as if he has been viciously beaten and even looks like his teeth are missing. It definitely doesn’t look like someone who suffocated to death “accidentally”. Many people feel like this is our modern-day Emmett Till by the way the picture looks. It is truly heartbreaking.

Kendrick Johnson after his death
photo credit: gstatic.com

It has been reported that there was blood on the gym walls (as you see in the picture up above), blood on his clothes and shoes and even in his hair.  The shoes he went into the mat head first to retrieve were found at his feet not at his head. The police, the coroner and the funeral home were the only ones to handle his body and now his organs are missing, leaving Kendrick’s body stuffed with newspaper. These facts are not consistent with an accidental death and no one is providing Kendrick’s parents with any answers and definitely there is no justice in this apparent cover up.

I watched the world fall in love with Trayvon Martin over the last year. Trayvon deserved that love but we can not let the media determine who is worthy of our passionate attention and fight (together) for justice. The murder, cover up and theft of Kendrick’s organs warrants our passionate attention. We have to DEMAND that justice be served, we have to DEMAND a full investigation to the local “officials” in Georgia. We want to know who murdered Kendrick Johnson and we want to know who tried to cover it up and we want to know who stole his organs. Three crimes committed against this child in life and death.

Social media is now getting involved in spreading the word and bringing mass attention to the injustice.

There are several Facebook pages dedicated to justice for Kendrick.

R.I.P Kendrick Johnson has over 20,000 “likes” so far. (please click the link to “like” the Facebook page)

There are many petitions that have been created in attempts to demand justice.

Kendrick Johnson: Murdered at Lowndes High School petition has over 12,000 signatures. (please click the link to sign the petition)

Please “like” the Facebook page and sign the petition and continue to spread the word!

*Keep checking back… this blog will be updated regularly as more information surrounding Kendrick Johnson’s murder is released.*

Updated 10/31/13 @1:36pm

The final moments of teen who was found dead upside down in a gym mat: Video of Kendrick Johnson released as parents demand ‘justice’

The surveillance video shows Kendrick walking along a school hallway at 12:59 p.m. on January 10 wearing a white T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers. He is also carrying a yellow folder or book.

The next clip is 10 minutes later at 1:09 p.m. when Kendrick in the gym where he was later found dead. Another student is seen walking in ahead of him. It is less than two seconds long and shows Kendrick walk out of the shot before what appears to be a dissolve edit between that clip and another showing students playing basketball.

It’s unclear how much time has passed between the two clips.

The next step in the case would be to call a coroner’s inquest to decide the cause of death in a process resembling a grand jury. This may happen on Thursday.

click on the link to read more and to SEE THE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO from the gym moments before Kendrick was killed: The final moments of teen who was found dead upside down in a gym mat: Video of Kendrick Johnson released as parents demand ‘justice’

Updated 10/31/13 @1:20pm

Teen death: Judge orders full release of investigative file

VALDOSTA, GA (CNN) – A judge ordered the public release of the full investigative file on the death of a Georgia teen found dead at his high school – including photographs and surveillance video.

It follows a closed door meeting Wednesday with attorneys and family members and is in response to an open records request.

click the link to read more: Teen death: Judge orders full release of investigative file

Updated 10/29/13 @11:46pm

Parents of teen found dead in rolled-up gym mat to meet with officials, plead for video release

Exceprts from U.S. News on NBCNews.com

On Wednesday morning in Valdosta, Ga., attorneys for Johnson’s family, the sheriff’s office and the school district are scheduled to have a closed-door meeting with Southern Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Harry Jay Altman.

Chevene King, the family’s lawyer, expects to discuss the release of the entire gym’s surveillance footage and the status of a coroner’s inquest, which the family filed a petition for last week.

In a coroner’s inquest, a six-person jury would hear evidence and determine whether a death was the result of natural causes or something else.

But if no resolution is reached at Wednesday’s meeting,  Judge Altman could schedule a formal hearing for a later date, a representative from his office said.

Lt. Stryde Jones with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office said there is no evidence to suggest that Kendrick Johnson was murdered.

“Based on the information, that we know now — the autopsy findings, our investigative findings — our case is closed,” he said.

In a written statement in September, the U.S. Department of Justice declined to pursue a federal criminal civil rights investigation — citing a lack of sufficient evidence — but said U.S. Attorney Michael Moore in Macon, Ga., would continue to “monitor” the case.

Moore has not responded to messages from NBC News seeking comment. His office will not confirm any ongoing formal investigation. Still, callers to his office are greeted with a recording asking anyone inquiring about the Kendrick Johnson case to leave a message in a specific voice mailbox.

click the link to read more: Parents of teen found dead in rolled-up gym mat to meet with officials, plead for video release

Updated 10/28/13 @7:15pm

“Breaking News” Attorney Crump Gives Us Update on Death of Kendrick Johnson

In addition “Breaking News “ Attorney Crump gives us exclusive insight on Kendrick Johnson being a star athlete and him dating a white girl. This may be something investigators can look into our Power talk Host stated.

Attorney Kings explains in the year 2011 Kendrick Johnson was involved in some sort of foul play with another young white male that attended the same school as Johnson. They got into an altercation or a fight and Johnson perhaps won the fight. The young white boy family then invites Johnson to their home to fight again but Johnson never came, no one has spoken to the family since. After that incident Kendrick was killed. This information was sent to the Sheriff department in Valdosta, GA and is in the Sheriff’s investigative reports.

Attorney King gives us more insight on this investigation the young white boy parents are members of the law enforcement, his father is a police official and perhaps his mother is as well. So far no one has detected this information has any connection to Kendrick’s death but this is an alert for more investigation.

to read more and to listen to Attorney Crumps interview, click the link: atlanta.cbslocal.com

Updated 10/24/13 @9:46am

Kendrick Johnson Family Sues Sheriff and Coroner 

Valdosta, GA – The Johnson family’s lawyers have announced they will be suing the Lowndes County Sheriff and the Coroner.
Kendrick Johnson’s grandmother said, “No matter what it is we want the truth to come out.” Demanding the truth Kendrick Johnson’s family has now filed lawsuits against both the Coroner of Lowndes County, Bill Watson and the Sheriff of the County Chris Prine saying they have a right to know how investigators determined Kendrick Johnson’s death was an accident.

Johnson Family Attorney Ben Crump said, “The scene investigation has been compromised. But, we believe there are some things that could speak to us like the video, DNA and blood evidence.” Both CNN and the Johnson family have filed suit requesting all investigative finds be released. Focusing on the full surveillance video from the gymnasium, Johnson family attorney Chevene King, “It should show either Kendrick entered the mats as theorized, or he was brought to they gymnasium other than his own power.”

Another lawsuit filed against the Coroner of Lowndes County requests he grant a coroner’s inquest. Where the coroner would present information on Kendrick’s death and jurors would decide based on that information how Kendrick died. “It’s going to be hard… Kendrick was my son… It can’t get no harder than that,” explained Kendrick’s father.

click the link to read more: Kendrick Johnson Family Sues Sheriff and Coroner

Why Excuse for Withholding Video in Kendrick Johnson’s Case Falls Flat

Although authorities have denied repeated requests by the parents to view the gymnasium surveillance video, a school official told CNN that other minors were in the gymnasium within 10 minutes of Johnson entering. The school is still refusing to release the recording, on the grounds that state law exempts the release of “education records of a minor child.”
As for the news that others were present in the gymnasium where Johnson died, Crump responded, “Blur out the faces of the children if you want to protect their identities, but we’ve got to see the video.”

click the link to read more: Why Excuse for Withholding Video in Kendrick Johnson’s Case Falls Flat

Updated 10/22/13 @8:05pm

Kendrick Johnson Family Files Petition For Coroner’s Inquest

On Tuesday, October 22nd,  Chevene King and Benjamin Crump, attorneys for the family of Kendrick Johnson, filed a petition for a coroner’s inquest in the Lowndes County Superior Court. The Johnson Family is seeking to have Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson call a coroner’s inquest into their son’s death. At the center of the family’s concern is the difference in the initial autopsy report filed by the state and the second independent autopsy report.

Attorney Crump stated the main priority of this inquest is to gain access to the surveillance footage from the gymnasium the night of Kendrick Johnson’s death. “If that video shows others in that gymnasium as has been reported, then they have a right,” said Crump, “it is right and justice demands so.” Attorney Benjamin Crump stated the family has been told the video is an academic record. “When you think just common sense…common sense would suggest a video surveillance tape is not an academic record,” said Crump, “it is there for people to be able to look at the contents of it and decide if something has happened.”

click the link to read more and to hear the complete press conference: Kendrick Johnson Family Files Petition For Coroner’s Inquest

Updated 10/22/13 @8:25am

Kendrick Johnson Family to hold Press Conference Tuesday

Attorneys for the parents of Kendrick Johnson, the 17-year-old high school student who in January of this year was found dead inside a rolled-up wrestling mat in the Lowndes High School gym, will tomorrow announce that they have filed legal documents officially requesting that a judge order a Coroner’s Inquest into Johnson’s death.

Kendrick Johnson’s parents, along with family attorneys Chevene B. King, Jr. and Benjamin Crump, will address media tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:30 a.m. to discuss the filing and their next legal moves in the case.

link to source: Valdosta Daily Times

Updated 10/19/2013 @8:40am

(CNN) — Surveillance footage shows other minors inside a Georgia high school gym at about the same time authorities say Kendrick Johnson suffocated in a rolled-up mat while reaching for a sneaker, an attorney for the school told CNN on Friday.

The attorney’s acknowledgement came in a response to a CNN open records request asking whether other minors were recorded in the footage inside the Lowndes County High School gym on January 10 between 1:09 p.m. and 1:20 p.m., a span of about 10 minutes after Johnson entered the gym.

“I answer your pointed question with ‘yes,'” L. Warren Turner Jr.. the attorney, wrote in the letter.

click the link to read more: School Attorney: Others in surveillance in gym mat death case

Updated 10/18/2013:

According to wabe.org the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP says it plans to call on the U.S. Justice department to investigate the death of a Valdosta teen who was discovered inside a rolled up wrestling mat at his high school in January.

click the link to read more: NAACP Will Call on Justice Department to Investigate Valdosta Teen’s Death

According to wtxl.com attorney Chevene King says the video has been withheld and that he nor the family was offered an opportunity to see the video from all four cameras. He says their position has not wavered or changed since they learned about the existence of the tapes. He wants to see all the tapes in the gym because it may serve as an eyewitness into Johnson’s death.

Meanwhile the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference Floyd Rose hasn’t commented on Touchton’s findings but he does say an $10,000 reward is being offered if indeed Kendrick Johnson was murdered.

click the link to read more: Attorneys for Kendrick Johnson’s family want gym video


photo credit: gstatic.com

R.I.P Kendrick….

We WILL FIGHT for you!

Justice For Shannon Grant Jr.

Shannon Grant Jr.

How does a 12-year-old child end up at lunch with a 16-year-old young man with mental and behavioral issues?

That is one of the many questions Sheheda Manley has for Pressley Ridge in Pittsburgh, PA. Sheheda’s 12-year-old son, Shannon Grant Jr. attends Pressley Ridge which is a school servicing children ages 5 – 21 who have mental and behavioral issues. Shannon was viciously attacked on September 18, 2013 in the cafeteria of the school. Shannon simply said “Hi” to the 16-year-old who responded by hitting Shannon in the face with a plate then beating and punching him into unconsciousness. This attack left Shannon with a huge gash circling the left side of his face requiring over 50 stitches to close up.

Shannon and Sheheda’s story has gone viral on Facebook and many people have pointed out that Shannon is a young black child and his attacker is a white young man. Sheheda says she doesn’t believe race played a part in this attack. She just believes the young man has mental issues that were beyond the help that the school could give him.

Sheheda has since pressed charges and had their first court date yesterday, September 26, 2013. She says Shannon was shaken to see his attacker again for the first time in court and understandably so. The 16-year-old attacker has apologized for his actions and the school has also apologized but that is not enough for Sheheda. She wants answers from the school as to why they could not ensure the safety of her child. Why were their 7 staff members and only 14 children and no one prevented this? She wants to know how someone with such severe issues ended up at lunch with her young son? Sheheda wants answers from the school, mental help for the 16-year-old who did this, and justice and healing for her son.

Criminal charges of aggravated assault have been pressed and there will be several court dates to come but Sheheda wants the young man to receive the mental help he needs more than anything. She wants to make sure that he will not do this to anyone else. Shannon is healing but not ready to return to school yet. Sheheda says that when he is ready she will not be sending him to Pressley Ridge. She went on to say that she is contemplating moving to Georgia to give Shannon, herself and her other children a fresh start. She expressed her extreme gratefulness to all the support she has received. One supporter has even offered to set up a trust fund for Shannon that people can donate to. Sheheda simply asks that we keep her son’s movement going.

Click the link below to watch Shannon Grant Jr. personally thank everyone for their support……such a sweet little boy.

Video of Appreciation by Shannon Grant Jr.

Tension and anxiety is rising as the entire country watches the media show of what has become the Trial of Trayvon Martin instead of George Zimmerman, come to a close this week. Social media is on fire with constant posts, debates, pictures, and statues surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin. Many of the conversations, by not only people of color but people around the world who are aware of the racist legal system, are rooted in what the response should be in the event of an acquittal or lessor charge and what the response should be even if Zimmerman is found guilty. Many Black people are speaking out against the media fanning the flames of THIS murdered Black child as opposed to Oscar Grant, Aiyanna Jones and many, many, many of our innocent unarmed murdered youth. Every murder still rings loud in our hearts and minds. People are hurting over the loss of our loved ones and ready to take a proactive stance against the murders of Black people by the hands of ANYONE.

A lot of organizing is happening in the land of social media. Organizing boycotts of Florida oranges and the entire State of Florida to pressure Florida law makers into changing their “Stand Your Ground” law, organizing walk outs and call ins, everywhere people are preparing for the outcome of this trial. While the media is fanning flames of anger and playing on the fears of people with all their reports of anti rioting plans being put into place…. I see the other side of the response to this injustice… Organized anger. People who have had enough.

BLACKOUT1Right now The #BlackOutForTrayvon Movement has gone VIRAL all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as thousands of people are “Blacking out” their profile pics. The Movement started the morning of Thursday, July 11, 2013 with a black picture and the caption read “Let the Black Out Begin! Black Out your profile picture UNTIL AFTER THE VERDICT comes down to show a stand of solidarity in the Justice For Trayvon Martin! MAKE A STATEMENT! THERE IS POWER IS OUR NUMBERS! *This is something ALL OF US can do*” and it just TOOK OFF! The show of unity and solidarity is overwhelming. I hope the message reaches Tracy and Sybrina, WE STAND FOR JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON! We are tired of the senseless racial profiling and murdering of our children by the hands of ANYONE! #BlackOutForTrayvon

While people understand “Blacking out” your profile pic will not change a racist legal system or any laws….what it does is bring awareness and awakening for some…and that is what we need more of … No one should be above watching the awakening of one’s mind to the realities of this world….especially the awakening of the youth…who are really taking to Instagram with the #BlackOut

This is a POWERFUL show of unity by EVERYONE who CARES to take a stand for Justice For Trayvon. There is POWER in social media if you use it in a POWERFUL WAY…. so use it…

Click on the link below to join this Facebook event:



By now the world knows the name of the young woman who was the last person to speak to Trayvon Martin. Rachel Jeantel. Rachel has been thrown head on into the public eye in a way that NONE of us would ever want for ourselves. Imagine what it must be like to be a high school student talking on the phone to one of your friends like you would normally do…then all of a sudden your friend is dead and your world is turned into a legal world wind!  Watching her tell the story of  the last time she spoke to her friend Trayvon was painful. Watching defense attorney, Don West questioning her, often times it was easy to forget that Zimmerman is the one who is on trial and not Ms. Jeantel. Rachel was judged very harshly by the public as people generally have a way of being overly critical, judgmental and just plain mean. Judging Rachel as if she should have been born ready to testify in court and to play any part in this legal system who is in no way on her side. What I saw was a young woman who knew the defense team was against her and out to discredit her, she knew that Don West had a particular impatience and dislike for her. Many people highlighted her behavior and her dislike and impatience for Don West but that feeling was definitely not one sided. She knew it, she felt it and she wasnt afraid to show it to the world with her famous response “that’s real retarded, sir”. She was standing up for herself and I was proud of her for doing so.

The media is not focused on reporting the strength and pain of who this young woman was on the stand … No… The media feeds the masses every negative criticism of her that has been said. From her level of education, the way she speaks, to even the way she wears her hair… all up for criticism. Highlighting the fact that she is a 19 year old just entering into the 12th grade in high school. Highlighting that she cant read or write in cursive. Never once questioning an education system that would allow a teenager to reach the 12th grade with out knowing how to read or write in cursive. How did that happen? It seems that “no child left behind” has turned into just “push them through the system and get them out of our hair”. One thing is for sure, reading or writing in cursive has nothing to do with the real life lessons she is learning through all of the happenings in her life now. I can only imagine.

None of us know what life was like for Rachel Jeantel before the world knew her name, before her friend was murdered, before she took the stand. None of us know what she has struggled with in her life, what her dreams may be, what and who she loves in life. Have her dreams in life changed since all of this has happened? These are the questions I would like to ask her.

Since Rachel Jeantel has returned home she has been pretty active on social media. Accepting thousands of  “friend requests” on her Facebook page. She even accepted my friend request. I was very pleased to watch her page become flooded with a great show of love and support. I have reached out to her like a big sister would and advised her to be careful on social media because the world is watching her now and as she is learning the world is not very friendly all the time. But it is obvious after all the criticism of her that she has probably read and heard…. she needed this. She needed to hear the encouragement.

Her page is flooded with posts and comments such as:

“You have and will be in my prayers. I pray that God continue to give you strength. May he guard your ears and put a filter so you are not moved by the negative energy. Blessing to you my sister.”

“Rachel Jeantel for president because she’s honest and has no fear!!”

“I am extremely sorry for your lost Rachel!! I know it’s been over a year since you lost your good friend Trayvon Martin. Most people forget to say things like that!!!! God is Good, and thanks for showing the world your true self, I love people who are simply themselves. Blessing Rachel!!!!”

Rachel even posted a picture with someone wearing a “I Love Rachel Jeantel” t-shirt. Her captioned read… Am I dreaming? This is crazy! Then there came a flood of people saying they too want a “I Love Rachel Jeantel” t-shirt (I want one too).  I love Rachel t shirt

Rachel responded to the love and support with a status on Sunday, July 7, 2013 saying  “May God watch y’all thank you for the support I have been reading them thank you and have a great Sunday thank you may God bless you amen”

It is my hope for Rachel that all of this comes to an end soon and she is able to return to her “normal” teen-aged life but not before someone signs her up for a book, television or movie deal first!

I wish peace in the life of this teenager named Rachel Jeantel. A very strong, brave and honest young woman.

You did good Rachel! Much love and support to you!

source: http://www.truth-out.org/speakout/item/17512-a-teenager-named-rachel-jeantel

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