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I came across this blog while digging for more information on Louise Little. But the more I find the more questions I have. How is it possible that the mother of such a powerful historical figure could live 94 years (until 1991) with little to nothing being written about her? I dont even remember her death being “news” in 1991. What about her relationships with her children after being released from the hospital? What about her grandchildren and great grandchildren? Surely SOMEONE has some great stories to tell about this amazing woman! I also find it odd that I could find no modern day pictures of her, no census records past 1930, no NOTHING! Is there an obituary somewhere?! So many questions with silence as the answer…. I just dont understand. But I am excited to see someone doing a “project” on her and hopefully some of my questions will be answered… She deserves for her voice to be heard….even in death!

On wishes and horses

It’s been annoying me that Louise Little’s (Malcolm X’s mother) life is so sparsely documented.

But what can I expect, she was a woman, a black woman, and a woman locked away for insanity for over twenty years, when the limited evidence would point to some kind of post-natal psychosis that these days may have been treated and resolved far, far more quickly.

Her political activism is recorded as a supplement to that of her husband’s – Earl Little. Her resistance to the Klu Klux Klan a matter of a few words only. Earl was killed in 1931 and Louise brought up her children for nearly eight years until in 1938 she gave birth to an eighth child and was subsequently committed to a mental institution. She was about my age: 41. It is noted in some places that, before she was committed, Malcolm had already been removed from her…

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